AAFP Prescribed Credits

Welcome to Saratoga CME Institute, where our training provides AAFP prescribed credits accepted by AMA, while also providing the education and training needed to implement cash-based aesthetics treatments in your practice.


Being a physician means signing up for a lifetime of learning. Obtaining the necessary CMEs is vital in keeping a medical professional sharp and armed with the latest knowledge to provide expert treatment for patients.


At Saratoga CME Institute, we hold workshops all over the country throughout the year, offering comprehensive education on all aspects of the field of aesthetics. These workshops are certified by the American Association of Family Practitioners, and we offer up to 15 CMEs per meeting.


Not only will you be getting AAFP prescribed credits, but those that attend our workshops, which are held in five-star hotels in major cities around the country, will also learn how to bring some of the following aesthetics services to their practices:


  •      Micro-needling
  •      Microdermabrasion
  •      Laser tattoo removal
  •      Botox
  •      Laser hair removal
  •      CoolSculpting
  •      And more

Not only are these treatments in heavy demand, but the cash-based nature of these services can provide a boost in revenue for your practice. These AAFP prescribed credits accepted by AMA come with expert instruction and hands-on demonstrations. Our attendees walk away with a comprehensive knowledge of the field of aesthetics.


Learn more how you can get AAFP prescribed credits through Saratoga CME Institute


We invite you to register for one of our workshops in this coming year. We have unveiled a few of the locations and have posted the agenda for each of the events. This agenda will show you how in-depth we get on each topic and how you will benefit from learning from leaders in the industry.


Our organization is excited to present this valuable knowledge to our attendees, all while providing AAFP prescribed credits accepted by AMA. Reserve your spot at one of our upcoming workshops today!