AMA PRA Category 1 Equivalent CME Conferences

If you are looking for AMA PRA Category 1 equivalent CME conferences that allow you to fulfill your professional duties while learning about an exciting area of medicine, then consider one the workshops put on by Saratoga CME Institute.


Every year, we provide a full schedule of workshops that inform and train physicians on the field of aesthetics. From botox and cool sculpting to laser hair removal, these AMA PRA Category 1 equivalent CME courses and training fulfill your CME requirements while showing you the path to bringing in-demand, cash-based treatments to your practice.



Explore a Saratoga CME Institute event near you


Saratoga CME Institute is accredited by the AAFP and AMA. With our workshops, we offer up to 15 CMEs per meeting.


The information we cover in our workshops is both exciting and innovative, provided by some of the top names in the field of aesthetics. When you attend our AMA PRA Category 1 equivalent CME conferences, you can count on:


  • Smaller class sizes, which provides for a more personal learning experience. It can be tough to learn in a crowd of hundreds or through an online course — you need to be able to internalize the information, ask questions when needed and participate in the hands-on training components.
  • Beautiful destinations for our conferences. We bring our AMA PRA Category 1 equivalent CME courses and training around the country to make them more accessible to physicians around the nation. We hold these workshops at five-star hotels and resorts in cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans, Houston, Orlando and more. It’s a great mix of business and pleasure.
  • More hands-on training. This is a crucial element to our workshops. We want attendees to have hands-on experience working with cutting-edge equipment and navigating through the most modern methods of aesthetic treatments. This leaves them with the knowledge and skills to bring these treatments to their own practices.


These are truly worthwhile AMA PRA Category 1 equivalent CME conferences, but seating is limited. Browse our upcoming schedule of workshops, pick through the agenda for each and reserve your spot today!