Best Medical Facial Aesthetics Course

With the best facial aesthetics training course, your practice can help its patients put their best face forward. Through Saratoga CME Institute, physicians around the country can implement cash-based, aesthetic treatments into their practices, or even start their own med spa from the ground up.


We offer the best medical aesthetics skin care training via our frequent workshops. We hold 10 workshops per year and bring them to cities throughout the country. These educational events are held at five-star hotels in cities like Las Vegas, Orlando and New Orleans, providing physicians from all corners of the country the opportunity to collect their required CMEs while learning about the highly lucrative and life-changing field of aesthetics.



Searching for the best medical aesthetics training course?


Saratoga CME Institute developed the first educational aesthetics program of its kind back in 1994. We continue to serve as the gold standard, equipping the attendees of our workshops with the knowledge and training needed to excel in the field of aesthetics.


Facial aesthetics is a huge component of that curriculum. Through injection treatments like Botox or laser treatments you can unlock avenues in which patients can:


  •      Make skin tighter
  •      Fight signs of aging
  •      Eliminate wrinkles
  •      Treat acne scars, blemishes and other skin imperfections


Saratoga CME Institute’s workshops feature the best medical aesthetics training course, providing you with both information and hands-on training in the most innovative methods that are currently available. We’ll get you acquainted with the necessary equipment and help show you how to not just administer the treatments, but how to provide the very best results for your patients.



Reap the benefits of the best facial aesthetics training course


Not only do we provide the best medical aesthetics skin care training and comprehensive teaching on the field of aesthetics, but attendees are also able to fulfill their professional requirements by obtaining up to 15 CMEs per meeting. This is one of the most worthwhile CME training courses that you can invest in — and the many attendees that have gone through the program have echoed that sentiment.


Explore our current schedule of workshops and reserve your spot at the best facial aesthetics training course today!