Botox Injection CME Courses

With the right Botox injection CME courses, you can bring this in-demand aesthetic treatment to your medical practice. Here at Saratoga CME Institute, we will show you how via one of our educational aesthetics workshops, which are held at popular destinations across the country.


Since 1994, Saratoga CME Institute has been providing informative, comprehensive educational aesthetic workshops that allow physicians to acquire their necessary CMEs while learning how to break into the world of aesthetics. Many of our attendees have gone on to implement these cash-based treatments into their practices while others have built med spas from the ground up.


We invite you to explore our available workshops, which feature everything from dermal filler CME training and information on Botox to best practices on how to market your aesthetic services to local patients.



Looking for Botox training and courses for doctors?


Botox is a great treatment to introduce to your practice for a variety of reasons, including the fact that:


  • The treatments are relatively quick and require no recovery time. This means you can fit multiple patients into a single day.
  • Botox is an ongoing treatment. Through our Botox injection CME courses, you will learn how a series of treatments will provide the best results for your patients, which keeps them coming back.
  • This cash-based treatment is highly profitable, as well. This helps you cover the cost of equipment and other overhead so that your practice can start profiting as quickly as possible.
  • The training period and learning curve are both minimal, especially with Saratoga Institute’s dermal filler CME training. Through a brief training period, you can learn everything you need to know to provide highly effective Botox treatments for your patients.


Saratoga CME Institute has scheduled workshops in cities across the country. We hold these events at five-star hotels and resorts, making for both an informative and luxurious experience for our guests.


Browse our available Botox injection CME courses right now and reserve your spot today! Seating is limited.