Cosmetic Botox Laser Training Courses

Saratoga CME Institute is dedicated to providing medical professionals with the information and instruction needed to excel in the world of aesthetics, which is why we provide cosmetic CME training for doctors across the U.S.


Each year, we hold 10 educational aesthetics workshops. These are multi-day events that are held at five-star hotels and resorts in major cities across the country.


Over the course of these workshops, we provide extensive training and education in virtually all areas of aesthetic medicine, from Botox CME training courses to information on laser treatments, micro needling, microdermabrasion, tattoo removal, hair removal and much more.



Don’t just offer aesthetic treatments — EXCEL at them!


The team at Saratoga CME Institute uses its workshops to provide education, training and fellowship for physicians so that they can grow and perfect their knowledge and skills. We want our attendees to be able to provide world-class aesthetic treatments at their practices.


From laser CME training for doctors to exploring the wide range of injection treatments, aesthetic treatments are in high demand across the United States and your practice can work to meet the needs of both existing and potential patients.



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We have recruited some of the best and brightest professionals in the industry to provide our cosmetic CME training for doctors. Each of our classes is the perfect blend of educational information and hands-on training. We purposely keep class sizes small so that each attendee can get the most out of their experience.


By attending our workshops, you can receive up to 15 CMEs while enjoying a world-class destination and learning information that can enhance your practice.


Our upcoming schedule of workshops is available online right now, complete with an agenda that outlines the many topics that we will cover — from Botox CME training courses to learning how to market and promote your new aesthetic services.


Since 1994, Saratoga CME Institute has been providing comprehensive and informative cosmetic CME training for doctors. Sign up and reserve your spot now!