Cosmetic Continuing Medical Education Conference

Welcome to the premier cosmetic continuing medical education conference. Saratoga CME Institute has been providing comprehensive, informative educational aesthetics workshops since 1994, bringing them to popular destinations throughout the United States.


With our cosmetic medical education training, you can earn up to 15 CMEs while learning everything you need to know to provide high-quality aesthetic treatments at your practice.


Cosmetic medicine has never been more popular as men and women rely on laser and injection treatments to address everything from skin wrinkles and acne to contouring their bodies through the power of cool sculpting.


By offering cash-based aesthetic treatments at your practice, you are able to meet the needs of both your existing patients and a wide range of potential patients.



Why invest in Saratoga CME Institute’s cosmetic continuing medical education courses?


Saratoga CME Institute developed the first event of its kind back in 1994, and we continue to serve as the gold standard when it comes to cosmetic training. At our workshops, you will get:


  • Information: There are many different areas of aesthetic medicine, and our cosmetic continuing medical education conference covers virtually all of them. You will benefit from in-depth information that is delivered by some of the best and brightest instructors in the industry.
  • Hands-on training: Textbook knowledge is one thing, but rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on training is completely different. At our workshops, we provide plenty of hands-on training with the most cutting-edge equipment available.
  • Fellowship/networking: This is another very important component to our cosmetic medical education training. Our events are staged at five-star hotels and resorts across the country, leaving you with plenty of time for fellowship and networking with other physicians from across the country. This gives you the chance to exchange ideas and best practices that you can take home with you.


Aesthetic treatments are a great way to enhance your practice and even make it more profitable in the process. Equip yourself with everything you need to be successful in this area of medicine with our cosmetic continuing medical education conference. Our schedule is now updated with all upcoming workshops — reserve your spot at an upcoming event today!