Destination Physician CME Conferences

Destination CME conferences and seminars are a great way for you to not only get away, but to expand your medical knowledge and skills to provide higher quality care for your patients.


Here at Saratoga CME Institute, we provide the most comprehensive and informative educational aesthetics workshops. In fact, we developed the first program of its kind back in 1994. Since then, we have continued to update the curriculum in order to provide our attendees with information and instruction on the most cutting-edge treatments and equipment.


Saratoga CME Institute is accredited by the AAFP and AMA. By attending one of our physician CME conferences and seminars, you can obtain up to 15 CMEs, all while gaining knowledge and training that you can implement into your own practice to provide aesthetic treatments.


Why invest in our destination CME courses?


Since developing our program in 1994, a number of programs have popped up, however, Saratoga CME Institute continues to be the gold standard in CME for aesthetic medicine.


When you attend one of our destination CME conferences and seminars, we’re confident that you will appreciate:


  • The comprehensive nature of our program. This is a two-day event that covers virtually every aesthetic treatment available- from Botox, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion and acne treatments, to body contouring, micro needling and more. You will walk away from our workshop with everything you need to open up your own med spa or implement these cash-based, in-demand treatments into your own practice.
  • The venues we work with. Our physician CME conferences and seminars are held at five-star hotels and resorts in major destinations around the United States. From Las Vegas to Orlando, we offer stops all around the country to make it convenient for physicians nationwide. We’re confident you will love your world-class experience.
  • Small class sizes, expert presenters and extensive hands-on training. This isn’t an event where you’re going to sit around and take notes all day long. You’ll be listening to presenters who are some of the most accomplished professionals in the field of aesthetics. Not only will they provide in-depth information, but you’ll have plenty of hands-on training to build your skills.

From teaching you about the many high-demand aesthetic treatments, to showing you how to best market your services so that you can recruit new patients and profit off of your new capabilities, Saratoga CME Institute will set you up for success.


Browse our schedule and make your reservations


Spots for each one of our workshops tend to go fast, so browse our available dates and get yourself locked into one. We have an agenda for each event posted online so you can see firsthand the comprehensive nature of our destination CME conferences and seminars.  Book your CME today!