Intense Pulsed IPL Light Treatment Courses

At Saratoga CME Institute, we provide a comprehensive aesthetics workshop that features an intense pulsed light treatment CME course.


This and many other aesthetic treatments are quickly growing in popularity around the country, and your practice can benefit from offering it to patients. However, it’s important that you gain the necessary training to provide high-quality treatment for your patients, which is why our IPL treatment therapy CME courses are such an asset.



We offer IPL treatment therapy CME courses


Since 1994, Saratoga CME Institute has been the leading name in educational aesthetics workshops. We hold roughly 10 of these events per year throughout the country, allowing attendees to receive 15 CMEs while they explore all corners of the field of aesthetics.


We cover everything, from our intense pulsed light CME course to Botox treatments, which stand as the most popular cosmetic medical procedure in the world. This two-day workshop is held at a five-star hotel or resort in a city near you. We visit a variety of cities — Las Vegas, Houston, Orlando, etc. — so that we can be accessible to medical professionals no matter where they might be located.


If you’re looking for an intense pulsed light CME course that is administered by an industry leader and features both in-depth information and hands-on training, then we invite you to look further into Saratoga CME Institute’s workshops.



Is IPL right for your practice?


Our intense pulsed light treatment CME course is a great way to learn more about the treatment and whether or not it might be an asset for your practice.


Intense pulsed light treatments are growing in popularity across the country. This non-invasive procedure is highly effective in addressing wrinkles, brown stops, uneven skin tone, fine lines and other skin imperfections.


With our IPL treatment therapy CME courses, you can bring a cash-based treatment to your practice that is quick and easy to administer and will have patients coming in for multiple treatments. Overall, IPL is very profitable for a medical practice.



Reserve your spot at an upcoming workshop


We have our upcoming workshop dates and locations posted on our schedule and a full agenda, so you can see what topics we will discuss outside of our intense pulsed light treatment CME course. Seating is limited, so make your reservation today!