Las Vegas Cosmetic Medicine CME Conference

Acquire CMEs, learn information to enhance your medical practice and enjoy one of the top destinations in the United States by making reservations at Saratoga CME Institute’s cosmetic CME training conference in Las Vegas.


For decades, Saratoga CME Institute has been providing industry-leading educational aesthetic workshops both here in Las Vegas, and around the rest of the country. These two-day events cover virtually every area of aesthetic medicine, from Botox, dermal fillers and other injection treatments to body contouring, laser hair removal and much more.


Our cosmetic CME seminar in Las Vegas even has a course on how to best market your new aesthetic treatments and build a medical spa from the ground up. With the in-depth information and training that you get from Saratoga CME Institute, you will be able to bring the benefits of aesthetic treatments to your practice.



Excel in the field of aesthetics with Saratoga CME Institute


Saratoga CME Institute is a trusted resource for continued medical education as our curriculum is accredited by both the AAFP and AMA. In fact, our organization developed the first training program of its kind and has continued to evolve into the Las Vegas cosmetic medicine CME conference you see today.


Not only do our workshops touch on virtually every important area of aesthetic medicine, but these two-day events are held at five-star hotels in major cities throughout the country. From our cosmetic CME training conference in Las Vegas, to similar events in Houston, Orlando and more — we want to make this important educational opportunity accessible to physicians in all corners of the United States.


We feature some of the best and brightest professionals in this business as presenters and we provide in-depth, hands-on training with some of the most cutting-edge equipment. Saratoga CME Institute strives to promote excellence in the world of aesthetics so that our attendees can provide for the many needs of both existing and prospective patients.



Browse our schedule and make your reservations


We try to keep class sizes relatively small for the benefit of our attendees. Browse the agenda for our upcoming cosmetic CME training conference in Las Vegas, or see what other cities we will be visiting, and make your reservations to join us.  Reach out to us today and reserve your spot!