Laser Hair Removal Conference

Saratoga CME Institute is home to the industry’s leading educational aesthetics workshops, which are great for any physician that might be on the hunt for a laser hair removal continuing medical education conference.


Our organization was established back in 1994 and is accredited by the AAFP and AMA. We developed one of the first educational aesthetics programs of its kind and continue to update it with the most cutting-edge and innovative treatments in the field. This includes continuing medical education for laser hair removal, Botox treatments, micro needling, acne treatments, cool sculpting and much more.


These workshops cover virtually everything that is vital to the aesthetics field and we equip our attendees with everything they need to implement these cash-based treatments into their practices. The workshops are scheduled throughout the year in several cities around the country.


These are popular travel destinations — cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando and more. We also wanted to spread out host cities so that we could make our laser hair removal continuing medical education conference more accessible to physicians around the country. Even better, these workshops are held at five-star hotels and resorts for an even greater experience for our attendees.



How you can benefit from continuing medical education for laser hair removal


Laser hair removal, tattoo removal, skin resurfacing and other treatments can be worthwhile treatments to add to your practice for a few different reasons.


  • For starters, the market for these types of treatments has never been hotter. Medical spas around the country are experiencing staggering growth and popularity and you can serve both current and potential patients with such services.
  • Generate revenue and enhance profitability. Laser treatments, like hair removal, are cash-based treatments that have little overhead but can drive serious revenue. Saratoga CME Institute’s workshops can help you effectively market your services and generate a buzz.
  • Meet the needs of your patients. At the end of the day, this is every physician’s primary objective, and with Saratoga CME Institute’s help, you can meet the aesthetic needs of your patients.


If you’re in the market for an informative laser hair removal continuing medical education conference, check the upcoming dates for our workshops and reserve your spot at one today!