Botox And Filler CME Training

Saratoga CME Institute is proud to bring informative, accessible Botox and filler CME training to physicians across the United States. Serving as the gold standard for educational aesthetics programs since 1994, Saratoga CME Institute wants to equip you with everything you need to know to bring cash-based aesthetic treatments to your practice.


At our workshops, which are held at five-star hotels and resorts in cities around the country each year, you will receive information, hands-on training and everything else you need to excel in the field of aesthetics. This includes Botox training for physicians, which is an especially valuable resource for a variety of reasons.



Why invest in Botox CME classes?


Adding Botox injection treatments to your practice can benefit you in a variety of ways. This treatment is designed to eliminate and prevent wrinkles and is growing in popularity across the country with each passing year. With our Botox and filler CME training, you are able to implement a treatment service that is:

  • Profitable: On the business side of your practice, you want to make sure you are profitable. Botox is a cash-based, ongoing service that can be very profitable. It’s a great way to drive revenue and generate profit within your practice.
  • Quick: Botox is a treatment that you can provide to multiple patients each day — the process is quite quick and there is no recovery time necessary. And, with our Botox training for physicians, you will adopt the skills needed to master the method.
  • Relatively quick to pick up: Learning how to administer Botox treatments comes with a fairly small learning curve and requires a relatively brief training period. Saratoga CME Institute is able to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to bring this treatment to your practice.
  • FDA-approved: Patients want to know that the treatments they receive are safe and proven. With Botox, you are able to provide them with a treatment that has been scrutinized and deemed safe by the FDA.

There are many benefits to bringing Botox to your practice and Saratoga CME Institute can help you do it with our educational aesthetics workshops.


Access industry-leading Botox and filler CME training in a beautiful city near you. Explore our current schedule of events and reserve your spot today!