Continuing Medical Education for Physicians

Welcome to Saratoga CME Institute, where our organization provides continuing medical education for physicians who are interested in entering into, and excelling in, the field of aesthetics.


Dating back to 1994, Saratoga CME Institute has provided the highest quality training and information via its nationwide schedule of workshops. Registration for the coming year is currently open and we invite you to explore this year’s line-up of workshops and pick through the agendas, which show the extensive topics that we will be covering.


Our organization provides outstanding CME for physicians and medical professionals that are interested in aesthetics. In a variety of ways, these workshops differ from many of the other programs that are currently available.


  • For starters, we hold our workshops in locations around the country, including cities like Las Vegas, Orlando, Nashville, New Orleans and more. We want to make the location as convenient as possible for attendees and offer our continuing medical education for physicians at five-star hotels and resorts for an even greater experience.
  • The quality of our presentations and general instruction is second to none, featuring insights from top professionals that practice in the aesthetics space. Our workshops are comprehensive in nature, covering all corners of the field of aesthetics, from laser tattoo removal to microdermabrasion and the wide range of injection treatments.
  • Our CME for physicians and medical professionals is designed to equip all attendees with everything they need to not just implement cash-based aesthetic procedures into their practices, but to thrive in the field. Aesthetics are constantly growing in popularity and demand — your practice can fill that demand and drive a new source of revenue.


There are limited spots available for our upcoming workshops, which is why it is imperative to reserve yours right now.


Feel free to register online, or connect with a member of our team if you have any questions or concerns. Experience the highest quality continuing medical education for physicians by working with Saratoga CME Institute.