Cosmetic Injection CME Training

Get world-class cosmetic injection CME training from a well respected organization by joining Saratoga CME Institute for one of our educational aesthetics workshops. We have an entire series scheduled in cities around the country, providing medical professionals with the opportunity to obtain their CMEs while gaining in-depth information and training in the field of aesthetics.


Injection treatments are one of the cornerstones in the world of aesthetics. Botox, dermal fillers and other treatments are highly effective in erasing wrinkles, preventing future wrinkles and providing a variety of other benefits for patients.


At Saratoga CME Institute’s workshops, you will get cosmetic CME for physicians that includes extensive information and training on injection treatments. Administered by highly knowledgeable, experienced and accomplished professionals in the field, you’ll also get hands-on training and walk away from our event with everything you need to know to bring aesthetics to your practice.



What’s so special about our CME injection training?


Saratoga CME Institute’s workshops feature not just training on injection treatments, but on all other areas of aesthetics as well. Those that attend our events tend to appreciate:


  • The in-depth and comprehensive nature of our program. You can count on our cosmetic injection CME training to help you quickly master various treatment methods.
  • World-class destinations and amenities. We offer cosmetic CME for physicians in  cities like Orlando, Las Vegas, Houston and more. We hold our events at five-star hotels and resorts for the comfort of our attendees.
  • Small class sizes, cutting-edge treatments and industry-leading presenters. Our workshops feature all the most innovative treatments so that you are able to provide the most modern aesthetic treatments for your patients.


Adding aesthetic treatments at your practice can be affordable, profitable and, most importantly, help you better serve your patients.


Let Saratoga CME Institute equip you with everything you need in order to do it. Browse a schedule of our upcoming cosmetic injection CME training and reserve a spot today!