Laser Hair Removal CME Classes

If you are looking for laser hair removal CME training that will equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to bring this in-demand treatment to your practice, then rely on the name that has been providing the very best educational aesthetic programs in the United States since 1994.


We are Saratoga CME Institute, and we offer roughly 10 workshops throughout the country each year that cater to physicians who are need of CMEs and want to acquire the knowledge and skills required to bring aesthetic treatments to their practices.


This includes everything from laser hair removal classes for physicians to Botox and other injectable treatments. We give our attendees a comprehensive look at the most cutting-edge methods and equipment needed to not just provide these treatments, but to excel at them and deliver life-changing results for patients.



Looking for a physician training course on laser hair removal?


From laser hair removal CME training to learning about laser tattoo removal, we cover all of the bases at our workshop.


In fact, you can gain access to the agenda for one of our events online, where it outlines the many different areas of aesthetic treatments that we cover over the course of a single workshop. Attendees are able to receive as many as 15 CMEs per meeting as well.


Information and hands-on training are administered by seasoned professionals in the industry. You can trust that when you turn to Saratoga CME Institute for laser hair removal classes for physicians, you are learning from the best.



Saratoga CME Institute is coming to a city near you


In an effort to provide convenience for physicians nationwide, we hold our workshops in a number of different cities. All of them are held at five-star hotels, providing for not only an informative experience, but a luxurious one.


Laser hair removal and other cash-based aesthetic treatments could make your practice more in-demand and profitable. Gain the resources needed to implement these treatments into your practice by exploring the laser hair removal CME training and educational aesthetic workshops made available through Saratoga CME Institute.  Book your spot today!